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Freitag, 12. August 2022, 15:01

How to buy BTC With Paxful: Step by Step

We know that our users who are crypto enthusiasts are always looking for new recommendations on where to buy and sell Bitcoin. With our new integration with Paxful, we will show you how to buy and sell Bitcoin with Airtm through Paxful:1. Log in to your Paxful account and click “Buy Bitcoin”.2. Enter the USD equivalent amount of BTC you wish to buy.3. Select “USD — US Dollar” for currency.4. Select “Airtm” as the way to pay.5. You will have 2 options: “search” and “give me the best”:The “search” option will give you all of the offers for the amount and payment method you requested (in your case, 'Airtm')The second option “give me the best” will show you the best offer at the given time for your request.6. After selecting “buy” a prompt will appear on your screen asking you to follow the instructions from the vendor. Buying Bitcoins with Paxful is very simple and easy! Visit and open your free Paxful account. paxful login | | paxful sign in | paxful app | paxful | It's able to offer users one-stop services regarding digital assets, including spot, margin, leveraged ETF, contract trading services, and PoS staking service. It not only puts together an experienced safety team but also works with top-notch security companies to fully ensure the safety of users' assets. mexc | mexc exchange | mexc global |atomic wallet | atomic wallet fee |

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